Year Alpha

Logical thinking and reasoning 
– feedback letter

By October 28, 2019 October 29th, 2019 No Comments

Dear Students of the Postgraduate School of Thinking,

Let me start off this concluding letter with an expression of gratitude for the fine and intellectually stimulating day we have spent together, discussing logical thinking and reasoning in all its facets. As it should be, this was also an intense happening and several times I have felt really challenged to come up with adequate responses. So, thank you all for making this day a day to remember.

Secondly, I still stand by my promise to provide a (probably somewhat shortish because of a severe but, unfortunately, uncurable lack of time) personal feedback to everyone of you. I was truly impressed by the work you have delivered in the first assignment for this course. But do give me some time to keep and fulfil that promise!

Thirdly, I do hope that I have been able to find a sort of balance between all the materials I wanted to present at first. I did understand afterwards that for some among you, the ‘speed’ was quite high, and, at times, some students were a bit lost. Since you will receive a short feedback message from me, as promised, and assuming that you might feel the need to share comments, suggestions, and improvements (for future generations of students to come) with me, please feel absolutely free to do so.

Finally, let me express one more time my thanks for having shown that a “School of Thinking” inevitably has to turn into a “Joy of Thinking”.

Jean Paul Van Bendegem