Regular Track Curriculum (1 Year)

Research Track Curriculum (4 Years)

Admissions 2021/22

School of Thinking

Admissions 2021/2022

Applicants to the programme must fulfil the following admission criteria:

Regular track

  • Formal requirement: A Master’s degree or equivalent.
  • Language proficiency: Fluent English is required and is subject to self-assessment of the applicant. Applicants do not need to submit a proof of their linguistic competence.
  • Application: A short (e-mail) application letter in which the applicant (1.) provides the reasons for applying, (2.) explains their expectations, (3.) gives a short account of their academic and professional background, and (4.) provides a self-assessment of their English language proficiency.

Research track

The Research Track of the SoT is currently undergoing a reorganisation and will not be admitting students for the Year Iota (2020/21).


The regular price for the full postgraduate programme, if completed within one academic year, amounts to €4.490. In case a student does not complete the program within one academic year and needs to continue a second year, a fee of €850 is charged for each additional year.

Please note that if you have a non-Belgian diploma, you will be charged a €50 application fee in the initial steps of your formal registration. This fee will be later deducted from your tuition fee, so the overall cost of participation in the programme will remain unchanged.

The tuition fees are invoiced after the formal registration process is complete.


‘Year Delta’ (2021/2022), Regular Track: Admissions will commence in February 2021.

‘Year Iota’ (2020/2021), Regular Track: As of September the 1st, new registrations are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the Flemish ‘kmo-portefeuille‘ support to participate in this programme?

Yes. We are registered in the ‘kmo-portefeuille’ database of service providers. Here are the details:

  • Dienstverlener: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Registratienummer: DV.O103793
  • Dienst: Opleiding

2. How and when will I receive the invoice?

The VUB invoices are generated and distributed automatically by the central services of the university. This usually happens at the beginning of October.

3. I need to have my employer’s/my company’s details on the invoice. Where should I send the details?

Please send your request to studentenadministratie@vub.be.

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