The Sequel is a safe space for (co)thinking ‘after’ the Delta Cohort of School of Thinking. It constructs an ‘in between’ area for mental and physical exploration (‘permanent temporality’). In other words, a limitless yet structured thinking space, where minds can build on each other (Cohort Delta’s nickname is ‘Brick Club’). These builders have established friendly, strong, and complex relationships during their Delta-year which they want to cultivate and explore in the future.

One mind

In a world where everything is shared, liked, and published etc. The Sequel-initiative is maybe a bit counter-intuitive. At this stage we operate as ‘one mind’ in all discretion. Therefore, our names, jobs, titles… are not public. It is possible to get in touch with The Sequel via . Anyone is welcome to send some thoughts and we will build on it…


Workflow of The Sequel is currently managed through a document accessible to members only.