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Five OSB-funded scholarships for VUB students and researchers!

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Five OSB-funded scholarships for VUB students and researchers to join the 2019/2020 cohort (Year Alpha) of the Postgraduate School of Thinking VUB.

Celebrating the 50 Years of the VUB 🎉, De Oudstudentenbond VUB is pleased to announce 5 scholarships of 950 Euro each, to cover full tuition fees for 5 VUB students or researchers in the ‘VUB Research Track’ of The Postgraduate School of Thinking VUB in the 2019/2020 academic year.

This opportunity is open to the current VUB research students (MA, MSc, Phd) and VUB researchers (PhDs, post-docs and professors), who are pursuing an academic study on a topic closely related to the topics addressed in the SoT curriculum.

The admission criteria for the VUB Research Track are as follows:

  • Formal requirement: An active status of a MA, MSc, PhD student of the VUB or of a researcher employed by the VUB.
  • Language proficiency: Fluent English is required and is subject of self-assessment of the applicant. Applicants do not need to submit a proof of their linguistic competence.
  • Application letter: A short (e-mail) letter (acknowledged by the applicant’s research advisor) in which the applicant:
    • (1.) provides the reasons for applying,
    • (2.) explains his/her expectations,
    • (3.) gives a short account of their academic and professional background,
    • (4.) provides a self-assessment of their English language proficiency,
    • and (5.) presents their proposed Individual Study Plan (see ‘VUB Research Track’).

In order to apply for the OSB-funded scholarship to participate in the VUB Research Track of the SoT programme in 2019/2020, please send your application letter (as detailed above) by e-mail to Dr. Karin Verelst no later than 1.10.2019 (23:59).

Selection of the scholarship holders will be made on 2.10.2019, based on the quality of the Individual Study Plans. The selection will be made by the committee: Dr. Karin Verelst (committee chair), Jan De Groote (OSB), Dr. Marta Lenartowicz (programme director of the School of Thinking) and prof. Francis Heylighen (director of the Center Leo Apostel VUB).

Please note that this is a short-notice call: the classes are starting already on 3.10.2019!