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The Fellows (2020/21): Inauguration of The Fellows

By October 2, 2020 January 19th, 2021 No Comments

The Fellows is a first of its kind thinking initiative at The School of Thinking, designed to advance the participants’ expertise in selected heuristics and frameworks of thinking. The workflow is carried out by the former students of the SoT’s Regular Track, who remain affiliated with the SoT programme. The Fellows will be gathering on a monthly basis to specialize in one or more framework(s) of thinking, which are coherent, well developed, well operationalised, and very different from their own thinking comfort zones. They will be also involved in the workflow of the Year Iota (2020/2021), revisiting the topics and activities of their interest.

The collaborative application of the respective domains of expertise of the Fellows will activate a process of reciprocal development of their cognitive skills. Getting acquainted with multiple frameworks to understand, cope, dig into or encounter personal and real life situations, issues or challenges will be a fascinating and applied continuation of the School of Thinking experience.

Workflow coördinator: Gys Godderis, M.A.,