Principles of Thinking Challenge 2021

Pierre Cock’s Reflection

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Our ‘principles of thinking’ challenge, initially taken up by prof. Edward Nęcka in his Decalogue, has also triggered Pierre Cock, a Fellow at the School of Thinking, to contribute his take on the matter.


by Pierre Cock, 2021

As an answer to the contemplating thinking of Weaver I invite you to the following personal thinking experience:

Take a relaxed position in an environment where you will not be disturbed,

Imagine yourself, embody yourself as an alga,

An algae attached to the bottom of the sea and being carried along by the movement of the water.

What is your life?

What’s going on in your life?

By an event you are detached from your anchorage point.

The waves take you away

Where to?

What’s going on?

You wash up on the beach, the sun dries you out.

What happens?

What were your experiences?

Let yourself be carried away by the wind, the waves, your imagination, …

Have a nice trip, a nice life, nice experiences or not, …